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Authors at Abbey's

Australian Fiction
Australian Non-Fiction
Overseas Fiction
Overseas Non-Fiction
A Special Gift
Heidi Dokulil
Sydney Brutalism
Erina Reddan
Deep in the Forest
Rex Bashford
Hitler's Imperfect Victories
Rachelle Unreich
A Brilliant Life
Annlone Dalhoff
Goodbye Superwoman
Sandy Weir
Other People's Homes
Kim Kelly
Ladies' Rest and Writing Room
Richard Glover
Best Wishes: Making the World a Better, Less Annoying Place One Wish at a Time
Sean Turnell
An Unlikely Prisoner
Hugh Tranter
Southern Signals
Tania Blanchard
A Woman Of Courage
Darryl Jones
Getting to Know the Birds in Your Neighbourhood
Angourie Rice and Kate Rice
Stuck Up and Stupid
Peter FitzSimons
The Last Charge of the Australian Light Horse
Rob Brander
Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book
Brett Mason
Saving Lieutenant Kennedy
Ted Simmons
Australian Soccer: From the Beginning
Sophie Beaumont
The Paris Cooking School
Emily Gaudichon
The Parisian ABCs
Briony Stewart
Gymnastica Fantastica!
Chris Hammer
The Seven
Toby Walsh
Faking It
Benjamin Stevenson
Everyone on this Train is a Suspect
Dr Rebecca Ray
Difficult People
Michael Earp
Everything Under The Moon
Melissa Ashley
The Naturalist of Amsterdam
Ashleigh Barton
Solomon Macaroni and the Vampire Vacation
Graham Akhurst
Charlotte Wood
Stone Yard Devotional
Kate Fullagar
Bennelong and Phillip
Graham Creed
Weatherman Goes Bush
Reece Carter
The Lonely Lighthouse of Elston-Fright
Justyn Walsh
Eating The Earth
James O'Hanlon
Silk and Venom
David Whish-Wilson
I Am Already Dead
Dave Warner
Summer of Blood
Jack Heath
Jack Heath
If You Tell Anyone, You're Next
Steph Vizard
The Love Contract
Charles Prouse
On The Voice To Parliament
Leigh Sales
A.K. Mulford
The Evergreen Heir
Stuart Coupe
Shake Some Action
Allan Sicard
The Courage to Lead
Alli Parker
At the foot of the Cherry Tree
Sara M Saleh
Songs for the Dead and Living
Deborah FitzGerald
Her Sunburnt Country
Emma Young
The Disorganisation of Celia Stone
Jane Harrison
The Visitors
Roger Simpson
Mick Elliott
Dads and Dogs
Walter Marsh
Young Rupert
God Forgets About the Poor
Katherine Brabon
Body Friend
Elise Esther hearst
One Day We're All Going to Die
Clare Fletcher
Love Match
Jessica Seaborn

 Abbey's Bookshop Entrance at 131 York Street
 Abbey's Bookshop Store front at 131 York Street

••• Internal photography credit: Benjamin Townsend •••

 Abbey's Bookshop Inside - New Non-Fiction
 Abbey's Bookshop Inside - Crime Alley

 Richard Flanagan at Abbey's Bookshop
 Abbey's Bookshop Author Star